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Photography Project focusing on our community during the Covid-19 lockdown

We are practicing social
distancing with
government guidance

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Supporting local
charities and businesses

These photographs
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projects so far of the #FRONTSTEPPROJECT

All the families and businesses we have met and photographed since April 2020




“With so many feeling isolated or disconnected from
friends, family and the rest of the world these days, something as
simple as a happy photograph can help keep us going.”







Our Mission



The original idea was started on March 18th, 2020 by two photographers Kristen Collins and Cara Soulia.


In April, 2020 Marta Nash and Joanna Wysmyk were inspired by the idea and decided to bring it to Navan, Co.Meath. was born!!!!




Our Goal: To focus on the faces of our community that we may not see as often anymore and to bring smiles during this difficult time.


The response has been overwhelming and the feedback has been amazing! We have photographed over 250 families already. We continued to photograph as we went into another 2 lockdowns, experiencing Halloween, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day together.


We provide a quick five-minute professional photo session on your front step offering one FREE photo while practicing social distancing.


You can dress up, dress down, even wear your pj's, take a serious picture or be as silly as you want.
I just want to capture your family and give you a reason to smile during these times and to give back to my community.










If you are interested in being part of the project, you can get in touch via the contact form
The session must take place within 5km of Silverlawn, County Meath.


We will give you your scheduled time and also send you a text when I am five minutes from arrival so you can step outside.



We will photograph your family using a long lens from a distance of at least 10 feet.



You can be photographed on your front step, your front porch, your doorway .... wherever you choose that will allow us to remain at least 10 feet apart.


After snapping some quick images we will get in our cars and leave. You will have your photo within a day



The images will be posted on Facebook and Instagram using #frontstepsproject and may be published in the local newspapers.





We have chosen a local charity called SOSAD Ireland because we feel that many people's mental health has been affected by such a strange time we are currently living in.
We are asking everyone who we photograph to make a small but generous donation to this wonderful charity.
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About our journey


April 2nd, 2020 1st LOCKDOWN, A EUREKA MOMENT

Marta Nash and Joanna Wysmyk just like the rest of people in Navan, Co.Meath are affected by the COVID pandemic and are now in full lockdown.
The 2 busy photographers who had to stop working immediately, came across a project called The Front Steps Project put together by 2 Boston photographers Kristen Collins and Ciara Soulia and adapted the idea in their town Navan, Co.Meath, Ireland.
They called out to all families in Navan on social media. Within 24 hours families asked to participate and the numbers kept rising! The two photographers worked every for next 3 weeks photographing over 160 families.

APRIL 10th, 2020


The project kicks off and creates an amazing interest from families all over Navan. Within hours families asked participate in the project, creating a buzz on social media. Marta and Joanna photographed families on their door step while practicing safe measures.
The 2 photographers worked every for almost 3 weeks and photographed over 200 families, raising almost 1200 for a local charity SOSAD.

OCTOBER 31st, 2020, 2nd LOCKDOWN

Ireland goes into second lockdown. The families are told to stay at home and isolate as Covid numbers increase. Marta, this time on her own, takes encourages families to dress up in their Halloween costumes even though there are no Halloween parties or any trick or treating. Once again, families get involved and the outcome is a success! This time there was no charity chosen but because so many local businesses were forced to close down again, everyone was asked to support their local businesses.


On January 5th, Ireland goes into another lockdown. With Valentine's Day around the corner, there is no opportunity for families to go out and celebrate their love for each other. What Marta has learned over the past months is that the lockdowns have given people something special. Life slowed down for many, giving many an opportunity to spend more time with their families. Many people took up exercising, picked up a new hobby and DIY took on another meaning.
Inspired by poems written by Asta Jones called Love is..., Marta asked Asta to come on board and the 2 artists called out to families once again, this time focusing on the theme, What is Love??? People got came up with really creative ideas to show what LOVE meant to them

MARCH 17th, 2020 (St. Patrick's day, 3rd Lockdown)

We continue to be in the 3rd lockdown and although it has been a long 3 months of isolation, home schooling and lack of work for many people, St.Patrcik's day is around the corner and this time Marta iscalling out to other local photographers to help spread the joy of our community by dressing up as much as they can for such a special day, St.Patrick's Day!





I am the gal behind the camera.

I’m your Portrait Photographer.

I like peppermint tea, Frank’s Hot Sauce and BBC6 Radio.

I love people but my favourite people are family and the Emerald Green Island, the place I can finally call home:).
I also like music. I like to create sounds. Photographing is sometimes like listening to jazz music.

What sets Jazz apart is a thing cool thing called IMPROVISATION.

That is exactly what happens when we work together.






I’m based in Navan Co. Meath. Thanks for stopping by I have been working recently with many amazing families

and individuals building my photography portfolio

all over Ireland and many more, I’m open to

new challenges and ideas.

Lifestyle Photography has been my hobby since I remember, I have always carried a camera with me everywhere.
This was a long time before smartphones were so popular and common to use as photography gear.






Asta Jones came on board for the 3rd phase of the Covid lockdown project. Over the past year, Asta has written her poems called Love is.. Both women during this lockdown found human resilience and the ability
to empower each other and came up with a sequence for project - "Love is..”

They had an amazing time chatting over the phone, then decided to collaborate and sread the meaning of love to the people of Navan.


Since then Marta and Asta have collaborated again on a new project based on a very famous book...out to be soon :)




Originally from Trim, County Meath

I'm now living in Navan for the last 30 years.
I'm a full-time photographer mainly shooting weddings all over Ireland.


I have a real passion for what I do and I love meeting people and capturing their portraits in a natural and documentary style.

I'm a real peoples person and love hearing about their stories.


Because of this the frontstepproject is a huge attraction to me. In a time when restrictions and lockdown are leaving most of us feeling pretty glum,
it's an opportunity to get out there in a safe way and bring a little
joy and hope into families' lives.



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***All families that have participated in the #frontstepproject have given permission for their images to be used on social media platform and in publication***

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